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Default K70 RGB, Windows 10, and Winamp working correctly

I recently rebuilt my system and after struggling to remember how I had configured Winamp previously, I decided to post it here in case anyone else found it useful.

This is of course my opinion of "correct" but I do think this is the best configuration for usage of the media keys. The problem with the "out of the box" configuration is that the keyboard volume roller simultaneously changes both the Winamp and main system volume. This fixes that.

Setup is Windows 10 x64, Winamp 5.666, and the latest CUE. This should be valid at least back to Windows 8, and probably 7.

1. Make sure Winamp is either the only media player selected in CUE Settings, or else has Max Priority set.

2. Open Winamp and CTRL+P to open Preferences. Select "Global Hotkeys" from the tree on the left.

3. Disable the first tick box (Enable WM_APPCOMMAND messages).

4. Enable the second tick box. This activates the hotkey box below. Unless you intend to use them, remove the CTRL+ALT+X commands (you will otherwise get an error that some of them are already in use by the OS - this can be ignored either way).

5. Close the Preferences box and restart Winamp.

Resulting behavior: The volume roller on the K70 will now control the Windows system volume UNLESS Winamp has focus - in which case it will control the Winamp volume only. Mute will always be system-wide. The four media keys will continue to work regardless of what app has focus.

I hope someone finds this useful. I'm also sure this would work for any other CUE-supported keyboard.
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