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Originally Posted by red-ray View Post
I am still waiting for you to explain how zeroing EnhancedPowerManagementEnabled in the windows registry (what you incorrectly call the USB Registry) will resolve the issue with Corsair Link leaking memory.

When you refer to something you should specify the URL. This is helpful to the reader and ensures they look at what you intended.

Having evaluated the technical correctness and logic of your posts I am going to add you to my ignore list and commend others to do the same.
Yes, i would advise you to put me on your ignore list. Why do you need private messages and multiple post deleted (I lost track of your deleted post after 8) if you're the only answer? Trying to hide something you don't want other members to see?

No one said Corsair LINK is flawless, it needs work how ever the LINK software will work with the registry edit just the same as your software does. So let's see a version of SIV without any power management parameters disabled in Windows 8?

We will to agree to disagree when it come to this issue. Just as you have said you're giving people the option to a working LINK, people should also know that the same result can be made without additional software like SIV.