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Originally Posted by StealthGaming View Post
I would recommend you go to MSDN and search for USB device suspending and not charging when it presents itself as Human Interface Device (HID). Here the article no. 2900614 dated 22 October 2013, it applied to Windows 8.1 & 8.1 Pro.

So no i'm not misinformed.

You should ask Red-Ray how effective his software would be without disabling the Power Management Features in Windows 8. The answer is not very effective and would operate the same as the Corsair LINK in current state.

Red-Ray please stop sending me private messages, anything you have to say can be presented in the open forum for review by all pears.
Actually SIV can support multiple GPU's? Do you have that working with the regedits? Do you have the LED's working correctly even when some of the colors are set to 0 on a H100i?

I understand the regedits are necessary, because Corsair didn't properly code their installer routine. I don't dispute that. I will assume Red-ray doesn't either. You seem to believe this fixes all... It does not. The issues above and others persist, because Corsair's code doesn't handle these even when USB communications work just fine, or because issues are present in the firmware of the Corsair Device, which causes the error.

You can continue your disinformation campaign against SIV and Red-Ray, but his software actually works, and does lots of things Corsair Link cannot. Even Corsair's employees admit the items I detail above, along with others which do not work correctly in Corsair Link.

PS: I'm not Red-ray, so I have no idea why you respond to me, and expect private messages from Red-ray to stop. But then again, you appear to not know how to embed a link either.

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