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I've built this system recently:

Core 2 Duo 6700
P5N32-SLI SE Delux
Twin2x1024-6400 4-4-4-15 (4x512 in total)
SataII Raid (2x300Gig)
2 x EVGA GeForce 7950GX2 1024Mb (Quad GPU)

Initially I ran into big problems with the RAM, for some reason the MB kept setting my RAM to 1.8v. I only discovered it when I did some motherboard monitoring. Set the RAM to 1.9v and ran memtestv3.0 for 24hours (this is with 4 sticks of ram in duel channel) without problems. However if I let the motherboard set the voltage it did produce problems. Try forcing the voltage up to the corsair recommended 1.9v.

I've ran the RAM modules at the following settings for over 24 hours without a single error:

Voltage: 2.0v
Timing: 5-5-5-15-20
Freq: 833Mhz

This may be related or not but my system is still not stable. I think its the CPU core's but it would be a good idea to test this yourself. Basicly if I run only one instance of superpimod (CPU tester), I can run the test for more than a few hours but as soon as I use two of the tests I get "NON CONVERGANCE" within 10 seconds. Basiclly it seems if I use 100% of the CPU I get cpu errors. I've put this down to a bad chip and I'm awaiting a replacement but given all the problems I'm reading with this particular combination of hardware I'm wondering if this is a compatibility issue.

Any thoughts on this?

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