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those readings are not from the psu but from the commander.

Well I just checked and I have indeed the AIO , the commander and 2 SSD on the same sata line but I don't have anymore free satas, i have to take everything apart and add one line and redo all cable management.

For what I saw I have

Fan hub + 3 ssd on one line
2ssd+commander+AIO+ case rgb hub on another.. been like that for a week almost with intense gaming and no issues.

on the commander I have 2x200fans plugued on one header with a 2way splitter

is there any way to check the readings ?

I'm going to holidays for a week tomorrow, will get the LL in the meantime, next sunday i'll take it all apart an try to do a proper cable management by adding another line

would it be good if I did:

Aio +2 SSD on one line + RGB hub of the case (for the 2 front fans)
3 SSd+commander+ led Fan hub on another
And add another for the extra LNP I would need later?
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