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The problem is, the PCI-SIG specification states that if you're making a PCIe card that does not support hot swapability, you can EITHER leave PRSNT2# open OR ground them. On the Corsair riser, they're open. Z390 boards, however, expect them to be grounded.

I totally blame the PCI-SIG for this. You should never make something in your spec say, "if you don't support this feature, do this OR this." That leaves too much open to interpretation. One company can choose one option while another chooses another and that causes compatibility issues like this one.

Theoretically, you could take the PRSNT2# pins on the riser and bridge them over to any ground and the riser will work.

Of course, if you were to do this, you void the riser cable's warranty. Also, if you bridge the wrong pins, you could damage the graphics card and/or the motherboard. So I strongly recommend NOT doing this unless you're REEEEEEEEALY familiar with soldering PCBs and love to live dangerously.