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i'm a shop owner ( and we've tried the riser in different configuration, and the riser just don't work on any z390 we tried (Asus/Gigabyte), except if you put the riser on a 4x PCIe. Wich of course make no sense using a powerful GPU.

Description of issue: no video signal
Motherboard Model (and version/BIOS): Asus Z390 - all of them / Aorus Z390 - all of them
GPU Model (and version/BIOS): RTX 2080 / RTX 2080 ti Asus / Aorus
CPU: All K intel processore, so 9700K/9900K/9900KF/9700KF/9600K

Tomorrow i'll try to set the PCIE slot to a 8X bus or trying to give it more power if the mobo support that.