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Hay guys.. It's 2019 now and I still have this problem..

I've had the Corsair voids a while.. When corsair link and CUE was split into two different applications everything was amazing had the best headset ever and didn't have to worry about anything, it was Always ready..

It seems as if though my headset is no longer functioning like it did ever since the new iCUE software released and Corsair Link was no longer needed..

1st issue: Corsair H115i does not remember settings.. Every time I turn of my computer it reverts back to old colours and the fan curve I fine tuned is just gone.. I found a work around for this error with a batch file that restarts the Corsair services on each start-up.. So that fixed this issue kinda...

2nd Issue: I can't at all use my headset while it's plugged into my computer at all.. and before you ask.. I've checked the cable and I've checked the headset multiple times they are both working 100% on the hardware side, but since iCUE Every time I try and use my headset while plugged in my Windows 10 freaks.. It keeps making the "usb device disconnected" sound like every second or every 2 seconds.. I've learnt myself to charge the headset when I'm AFK but on the days I forget it'll be nice to be able to use the headset as I once did..

3rd Issue: The "Auto Shutdown Initiated" bug since I've had the void I had the auto shut down enabled because it's a neat function that can save a ton of battery life especially with the abovementioned charging issue, but I play 5 mins and auto shut down is initiated, this is not bound to any type of game or software the error occurs with any type of media, YouTube, Netflix, Dota, battlefield, etc. The only way I can work around this issue is to disable/enable the Mic every time it initiates the auto shut down..

Can someone please direct me in the right way.. Never have I ever had to deal with 3 issues from 1 company at the same time.. I take care of my stuff.. If I have to transport my headset I do so with original packaging.. I'm on the point of getting rid of everything Corsair because of all the issues.. It's SUPER frustrating.. I paid good money for these components.. So please...

Thank you..

System specs:
Asus Z370 Prime-A
Intel core I5-8600K
Corsair H115i Cooler
16GB corsair vengeance
MSI RTX 2080
Corsair RM850i

Edit: iCUE version 3.10.125
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