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Woah! SSD found in wrong flashing tool, but not in right one

Wrong tool - finds my drive

Right tool - does not find my drive, even in compatibility mode (my Windows 7 doesn't list Windows 7 in the compatibility mode listing, but setting it as Vista doesn't work either). Even when run as administrator is set.

I think this flashing tool needs an update itself. There's clearly an issue here.

This is on an Acer Aspire One 721 series. I also tried on my PC with a Gigabyte motherboard and AMD Phenom II x6.

Both computers were set to SATA AHCI, I even tried cycling all other settings to see if they worked.

-- Back story: the reason why I want to do a firmware update is that this drive failed on me last night when I came home.

I had left my netbook copying my music collection to the drive all day (copying probably only took a half hour or something). The drive was on in my laptop all day. When I arrived home I put my computer to sleep by closing the lid and set it in my room. Later when I went to wake up the netbook my drive would not init. The HD indicator LED was on solid and I got a no-OS error.

Today I booted up in Linux and was able to see the drive. I created a new partition table and installed Linux fine. I was able to install Windows 7 as well (what I'm typing this on).

I was wondering if maybe the firmware update would provide a fix. Maybe I should just RMA the drive as it's clearly faulty (it was a refurb to start with).

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