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Originally Posted by CybaGirl View Post
I believe the pump to be seized because when I touch the pump I cannot feel anything moving and when the fans are disconnected I cannot hear any noise from the pump.

Also when I go into the BIOS and look at the temps and fan speed the fan speed says 0 and the temps climb really fast up to and around 95 degrees. So this is what makes me think that the pump is seized.
That seems pretty definitive to me. Wow, look at those rivets in the side of the radiator! That is the older square block H100i. Make sure you track down a copy the purchase invoice. You will need it for the RMA, if you go that route. Hard to say much about the H100i. Dead in the box was not a common problem for that model, but then I don't know how long it has been around. Still, seems like an electrical fault rather than something else.

Normally I would suggest the Pro series 240mm as a replacement, but for your set-up the H100x makes sense. That model has a more limited release area and we don't get in the US. Not a lot of discussion traffic (or complaints) regarding it. It is a CoolIT model vs the Asetek origins of the Pro series, if that matters.
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