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I had my PSU yanked out this morning and while I was down there I the C-Pro from two different PSUs with the jumper, neither with any USB connection and the motherboard has no power in this state. I powered on/off with the secondary PSU 5 or 6 times as I was testing something else and each and every time the fan quietly purred on. In fact, I had a hard time hearing them at all. Definitely no max blast. Then I started randomly pulling fans off their C-Pro headers and connecting new PWM fans. One or two would burst, but it literally was less than a 1/10th of second. My finger wasn't even off the switch before it was back down at 600 rpm. I don't think this is what you're talking about.

Possible things to check:

1) LL fans are PWM (I have several on now and tested them). In iCUE, go to Settings, then your Commander Pro. There is an individual toggle for each header Auto/3 pin/4 pin. You likely are on Auto. Try switching the corresponding headers to 4 pin for any LL fans. If you have something else on other headers, make sure you choose the proper 3 or 4 pin designation.

2) Most LL fans (120 or 140) will have a minimum run speed of around ~600 rpm. My LL140s won't go below 630. Now with the software running the fan will simply stop at the lowest point it can if you set the control speed to 200-300-400 rpm or whatever. However, I am not sure what it would do in the boot state. I would expect it to run the minimum it can, but perhaps this plays some part. With the software running, are you able to lower the LL120s down to 500?

3) Do all the sensors seem to work OK? Try linking the fan curve to one of the other sensors. And while you're at it, make sure the fan curve it actually applied to each fan. iCUE works the opposite way to what most people are accustomed. First click the fan curve on the left. It will turn yellow. Then click all the fans on the right you want to run that curve. They each will highlight yellow when the curve is applied. It took me a good month or two to stop trying to do it the other way around. If the fan curves are not actually applied, then it is still on the "Quiet mode" and the boot behavior would make sense.
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