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1) Most likely, but temperature dependent. I run 1.40v and never break 40-42C, but different case environments can produce vastly different results.

2) iCUE, Link, and HWiNFO should be reading the RAM temp. I am not sure why they are not. Don't run HWiNFO and Link/iCUE at the same time without disabling the HWiNFO's monitoring of Corsair gear. They will get entangled tripping over each other. No need to run Link and iCUE either. If the RAM is the only Corsair product, Link is better than iCUE. But also if the RAM is the only Corsair product and since you have non-RGB Vengeance, there really is no reason to run Link or iCUE. All of which leads back to why there is no RAM temp and I think the most likely answer is the Vengeance LPX does not have the temp sensor. I need to verify.

3) Generally 60-70C is where I would be a little concerned. Most people can stay well below this with normal case fan airflow. However, if you have a hot, cramped case, with poor airflow and/or really long intensive memory workloads, that is where a RAM cooler might come in. Need to figure out something for assessing the RAM temps before going there.
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