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It can take some getting used to. After it went to auto-save quite a few versions back, some things changed. Dragging a created CUE profile to the top will automatically lock it in as the default as soon as you drop it. A HW Profile (with the little icon) cannot be the default profile when CUE is running. When CUE is not, it will become active automatically. K95P owners shuffle through the 3 saves with the keyboard profile button when off or all of them when CUE is running. With the CUE window active (in focus) your currently selected profile will stay active for editing purposes. It will go back to the top default as soon as you click outside the window. And the reason for not making it automatically go to the device when you only have one selected is likely because that would exclude the choice when you have more than one capable device connected.

I'll admit I hated CUE 2 when it launched and I stayed on CUE 1 for quite a while longer. However, once you decide to make the adjustment it becomes fairly easy and is more intelligent than quite a few other interfaces I have to deal with on a daily basis.