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Sigh.. No light at the end of the tunnel, yet!

So this morning I striped everything back down and re-built it again, but with the same results.

When I turn the PSU power switch on the Motherboard LEDs flash once then nothing. If I hit the Power button on the Front Panel nothing happens. No Status LEDs on the Motherboard, no Fans start to spin, No Beeps, and No Audio.

Both ATX Power Cables are securely connected.

I've tried the minimum configuration as suggested No GPU, SDD, or USB. I've also used a screwdriver to bypass the Front Panel Power Switch.

So I'm thinking the ATX Power (8-PIN) could be the issue. As the same result occurs with both Motherboards.

If I power on without the 24-PIN ATX cable the Motherboard LEDs do not flash, indicating there is some power being distributed via that connection.
Plus the PaperClip Test works when the Green Wire is Grounded.

Sourcing another PSU to eliminate or prove my theory.

Unless anyone has any other suggestions?
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