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Originally Posted by firestar9888 View Post
The Corsair One Pro Iíve had since Christmas stopped working recently due to an error in production of one batch that caused the motherboards in a ton of units to be defective, and end up making your computer completely shot after a few months of use.

Thankfully, since this is a well known issue, they give you the option of either sending your computer in to get repaired and then sent back out, or them putting a hold on your card as they send you a replacement, and you ship your broken computer back to them. Both totally reasonable.

It took eleven days for customer support to get back to me about scheduling a shipping date for the express replacement. ELEVEN DAYS. Over the course of these eleven days, I called several times asking to speak with someone that could help me, and every single time I got someone who said they werenít on my ticket and couldnít change it without it being a hassle, and that I should just expect a call back by the end of the day. 4 different people told me that on 4 different days in a row. Not one person I spoke to could be bothered to get the ticket changed over to them to help me get this done.

After all that, we finally get everything settled and have a shipping address set. The person on my ticket says she'll send me a shipping confirmation by the end of the day.

No confirmation.

Next day comes, and I call to ask about it. They say my shipping has been delayed, but that today is my GUARANTEED shipping day, and that I should get a shipping confirmation by the end of the day.

Its now the end of the day, and again, no confirmation.

So I call again, saying that Iíd called earlier asking about a shipping confirmation and still havenít received one. They tell me my shipping day has been delayed AGAIN. And that I should call tomorrow AGAIN if I still donít have a confirmation AGAIN.

I have been as absolutely bright and kind and understanding as I can possibly be through this process, but this is getting absurd. I feel walked on because I haven't yelled at anybody or asked to speak with a manager or an executive.

Corsair has great products, I love their stuff. While it was working, the computer was a dream, and Iíve loved their mice and keyboards for years. But man do I pity anyone who has any sort of problem with any of Corsair's products and has to go through customer support, because this is by far the worst customer experience situation Iíve ever been through.

For reference, my ticket number is 719063 for any Corsair staff that see this.
My apologies on behalf of the support team, let me see what I can do.
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