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Is CUE ever going to get updated to fix these issues? Or am I basically stuck buying a USB card for a keyboard that literally renders my computer unusable? I mean between my BIOS getting stuck and having to flip that switch on the keyboard to unstick it, my mouse randomly locking up when the keyboard is plugged in, the keyboard randomly ceases functioning (Yesterday it was doubling every key press for some reason until I completely rebooted) + all the other issues I have with it -- I'd honestly rather not spend a single $ more on what seems like a broken product.

Like I get that not everyone is having problems and it seems to be a motherboard configuration issue and it's nearly impossible for Corsair to test every configuration prior to launch -- but this is like the worst experience I've ever had with any peripheral device ever. I feel like at this point I should just cut my losses and spend the money on something that isn't going to have these problems, rather then gamble on a USB add-in.

Corsair seems to be working on an update (for the 16 million color thing) is that all that update will add? Or will they actually attempt to fix the issues users are having with certain motherboard configurations?
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