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Originally Posted by c-attack View Post
Normal coolant range is approximately +4-7C above room temperature and another +10C at full, sustained load. That puts the range at 25-40C for most people. It is possible to have strong environmental factors that contribute to this. A 30C room is going to give you coolant temps in the 40s quite easily. However, any time you are over 40C you should wonder why.

If the fan out of commission is the issue, the coolant temp should drop down again and your idle temps along with it. It seems like the idle is still high. If the air coming off the radiator exhaust is cool, you still have a problem.
Right, that's the biggest factor--the fans exhausting hair from the radiator is nice and cool. When I was replacing the thermal paste, I shook the case a bit to see if I can hear the coolant move/slush around in the radiator, as I recall that I could hear it fine in the past when I moved my rig outside to blow off dust from fans. I'm leaning towards the radiator running low on coolant or something causing it to not circulate the coolant. The room temperature is about 60-66F, sometimes cooler, so environmental factor can be checked off.

I've been looking into getting a replacement, so hope that one will do better. Do you have any thoughts on the DeepCool Castle 240EX?

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