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Originally Posted by AnomalusUndrdog View Post
I made an account in this forum just to post here. I just got my Virtuoso hours ago and had the same problem with the mic.

I realized it's because I plugged it in my USB hub (my monitor has a USB hub built-in). When I plug the headphones in my PC's front or back USB, it finally picked up the microphone.

It's a bit awkward, because my PC is on my right side, so I now have a USB cable from my left ear going to the right where my PC's USB port is. The cable's just not long enough for me to route it behind my desk, so it's dangling over my keyboard right now. Maybe I'll reposition my PC to the left, I don't know.

In wireless mode however, my mic works fine. I only had a little unrelated trouble because I was using RTX voice and had to restart it so it can recognize the Virtuoso.
I have this exact issue. I have 3 usb controllers on my pc, 3.2 gen 2, 3.2 gen 1, and 2.0. If I plug the dongle into the 3.2 gen 1 port the mic works fine. If I switch the headphones to wired mode and plug them into the 3.2 gen 1 port then the mic doesn't work. If I unplug the dongle, the mic works. If I reset the computer and try to do a mic test with both plugged in and the headphones in wired mode, I will get a "USB Controller Resources Exceeded" message. This message will show up even if these two things are the only things plugged into this controller. The same message happens if I have them plugged into the 3.2 gen 2 controller. I haven't tested the 2.0 controller. I have to put the dongle onto the gen2 controller and have the cable plugged into the gen1 controller for it to work.
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