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I have the AX1200i, not the HX1000i

According to your link,
The HX1000i shows red almost constantly which simply means the Corsair Link software is communicating with the PSU
According to the AXi series manual (AX1200i, AX860i, and AX760i),
If the button lights up red or does not light up at all, please contact Corsair
customer service for further technical support
Basically, for the AXi series (the models previously referenced), if doing a self-test shows a red light or no lights at all will indicate a faulty PSU

Your link contains other relevant information about the AX860i. I believe, based on my experience and many user reports, this information also applies to the AX1200i


The AX860i had a problem shutting the machine down randomly. It's not clear what the problem is but many users reported this fault...Corsair sent the HX1000i as a replacement.

The AX860i sometimes would not even POST after a fault. Sometimes after a period of time it would allow the machine to reboot.
Exact same problem I'm having

Using the Link software and a custom fan profile stabilized the AX860i. This is unusual behavior which need clarification. With the custom fan the shutdown problem was eliminated.
Again, exactly the same. Unfortunately, my PSU is being used in a computer running Linux and Corsair doesn't let you set a custom fan profile in Linux. I tried hooking the PSU up to my Windows PC to set a custom fan profile, which worked and fixed the problem. Unfortunately, Corsair doesn't save your settings to the PSU, so once you remove the PSU from the Windows PC, your settings are lost


The zero fan may make the unit quiet but the heat does not do the hardware any favors. Here the desired for long service life outweighs the noise of a fan. A fan at low RPM is not very noticeable. Inside a PC the fan noise is muffled by the panels.

Enabling the fan on the HX1000i reduced the temperature by 30C which is stupendous. This can result in much more service life. The warranty is all fine and dandy but an RMA is very expensive both parties so the custom fan at low RPM is hard to notice and it does wonders for the cooling.
Corsair knows this is a faulty design but continues to sell these units, in bad faith, without informing potential buyers
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