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No, I didn't think you would be able to use push-pull on the 500D nor do I think you are missing out. I have run this test a ridiculous number of times over the last several months trying to sort out this build. That push-pull is worth about 2C at 330W on my 280mm x 1. At the 105-175W you are likely to produce while gaming, that is going to be about 1C. Not worth the trade off in noise for a second set of fans.

I think the only reason to consider the H150i would be: 1) You are taking a temp penalty from the GPU and front mounting offers cooler temperatures. However, you may be able to front mount the 280mm as well and the gain would be the same. 2) There is something about the Platinum you don't like or really wanted in the H150i Pro. The only real key difference is the 1100 RPM quiet pump mode. Not really recommended for gaming, but if you are having a hard time with minimum pump speed/noise on the Plat., that is a definite difference. 3) You simply prefer the look of a 360mm radiator on the front or want more top clearance. A lot of new cases use this shallow top design. I don't like it and might do it for that.
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