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Originally Posted by c-attack View Post
I am still adjusting to some of the settings, but it appears I cannot control DC fans off the Commander Pro fan headers. I am on C-Pro FW 0.07.199 and I do remember the update last version enabling Auto selection/DC/PWM. I do not see that interface yet in iCUE. However, if it is supposed to auto select DC/PWM, it does not appear to be working for me. I ran NB Black Silent Pro, BeQuiet Silent Wings 3, Corsair SP140 LED, and an AF140 from fan header #1 and #2. All max out and stay there. Connecting a spare HD140 to the same headers provides the expected control at fixed, %, and curve points.

Did I miss a control setting?
Currently iCUE is relying on the COMMANDER PRO fan auto-detection. This may be hit or miss with certain fans which is why it was turned into a toggle in CL4. Thanks for the feedback and I'll log this for the dev team.