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Originally Posted by DevBiker View Post
As for your CPU temps - we'd need to see your vCore before we could even begin to speak about it intelligently, if that's what you are asking about.
Ok here they are. First boot and first run of the morning. System was nice and cool at start. Temps are usually higher.

I know the voltages are on the high side. This is for 5.1 GHz.

I'd just like to get the fans on the H150i to spin faster. They are hardly moving. The airflow over so much surface area of the fins could DEFINITELY lower the temperatures, even for a short test such as this. I know there is an asymptote out there, but I am nowhere near that on the heat curve.

Just so you know, I've done some crazy experimental stuff, such as 2-stage 2-phase passive thermosiphon cooling:

I've coupled heat exchangers to two Corsair H100s coupled to two cooling loops; one liquid, one vapor.

I just "missed something" when I hooked up your H150i this time around. I am a "tinkerer" which means I am bad at following directions.

And this is the case I built for the i9-9900KS. I made it big enough to house a quad-radiator at the top if I need it, but I started with the Corsair H150i.

You can see it is pretty big. And sturdy as can be.

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