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Default On my second i160 brand new from Corsair - unit shut itself off today and now dead?

Wow, I don't know what to say. This is my second brand new unit from Corsair for the i160.

My current unit decided to shut itself off today unexpectedly. I suspect (although I'm not certain because I was in another room when this happened) that the system shifting into "display/screen sleep" mode (not to be confused with system sleep mode) triggered this shutdown as the i160 tends to "click" when the display shifts to sleep mode, yet the unit itself will still stay powered on. I know that my system does this "shift" because my iCue LED strips change from my custom "red" color to the standard i160 system "blue" LED color on the strips when my display goes into sleep mode.

The only workload I had going was Microsoft Office. I press the front-side power button. Nothing. I go to the rear of the unit and the only thing lighting up is the ethernet port (solid orange indicator) so I know there is some sort of power going to the unit. So I press the CMOS reset and press the front-side power button. I hear the usual "click" from the unit to power itself on but LED light-up, no signal sent to my monitor. I look at the back and no longer see the ethernet blinking. I turn switch off the power at the back side of the unit then turn it back on. Now I see the light on the ethernet port light up indicating to me there is power to the unit but still no other lights lighting up on the unit. I press the front-side of the unit. "click" but still nothing.

Anyone else experience this??

The great news is Corsair support has been fantastic for me.

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