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Originally Posted by Lady Fitzgerald View Post
The 650D has the same outdated pass-through USB 3.0 connection. I read somewhere once can swap out the header from a 350D front connector assembly into the 650D's front connector assembly so I bought one and was able to make the swap. I don't know if that would work for the 800D but it's something to look into.
I bought a 350D harness and upgraded my 650D connectors, (mostly to see what was involved. I sold my 800D with the USB3 upgrade, but if it's like the USB2 panel, (and I recall that it is), the cables are soldered to a custom pcb.

The new system is pretty cool, and a lot easier to upgrade. Was the post you saw for the 350D panel from the linustechtips forum?

I wanted to post pictures to show people what is involved, (since I wasn't able to find any online), and would want to attribute the correct source. I got the idea from you, but I also want to also credit the person you got the idea from.
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