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Default My thoughts on the void pro compared to another headset, and mic/eq questions.

**Please note, this is for the newest version of the headset, just so that it's clear, as the old version seems pretty similar**

Hello all, so I own a razer megalodon headset, which lasted well for many years, however, it doesn't have usb 3 support, meaning I had to modify it and add an internal USB 3.0 hub (if you google junction runner razer megalodon you can find it for those into electronics stuff), and I'm tempted to poke around at my new headset, but I'm resisting.

Now, I figured this would be a fine successor to my current headset, a well known brand, pretty good reviews, 7.1 audio like my old headset, and also wireless which would be awesome, as well as the absolutely gorgeous styling, I got mine in white and gosh darn is she purty.

Now, the headset is a bit lacking in bass in comparison, you can't really crank it up as easily, and the bass EQ curve out of the box sounds quite muddy, and tends to not just accentuate the bass, but also interact with the mids/highs a bit, to make it sound a bit worse overall. It's not horrible by any means, it just doesn't have quite the ear tickling kick I'm used to. It's also not as "clean" of a sound on the bass tones in a song like revolving doors by gorillaz, I'm playing around with the eq settings now to try and tweak it.

I was wondering if anyone here had some EQ curve suggestions to jut boost the lower end of things, like bass lines in music, and explosions.

The 7.1 audio, imo, is pretty crap, I don't think I have any games that properly support it, but it's the same as my other headset, it's virtual, so it just makes everything sound distant and hollow, but I went into this purchase expecting that, but with the hopes of being surprised.

One thing people will be happy to hear is, at least on android 6.0, the headset works! That's right, if you have a usb OTG adapter, your phone will play audio through the speakers. The microphone doesn't work, and I can't recall but I think the volume wheel worked. The downside is that the headset has no internal memory, this is too bad for use on PC too, because until it connects it just cycles RGB, and has no audio cues.

I suppose the good side is you could change what the headset says, by finding the files CUE uses, but if you set your headset to a specific color, or have the lights off for more battery life, this won't work on your phone.

Now, the biggest issue with my use of the headset so far, which is pretty minimal I'll be honest, is the microphone, as many others seem to have.

The good thing is, the mic has a way, way lower noise floor than the megalodon, and is better at getting rid of background noise, but that could be due to how quiet it is even with the void at the highest setting, and the megalodon at the lowest. I was doing a test with a fan, but the fan actually died after testing it on the void.

The big deal for me, since you can adjust teamspeak's voice detection to compensate, is the sound quality.

I need to ask some more people, but one person I have on my TS server often said that the void pro made my voice sound better, not as high pitched, but from my local recordings, and a recording off a remote box about 1.5km away through teamspeak, the void just doesn't sound as good.

Yes, there's less background hiss, but at a lower ts level it's not that noticeable, and the void just lacks the bass/depth that the megalodon does. The megalodon sounds a lot more like how my voice sounds in my head, and sounds a lot less like a "gamer headset microphone" in my opinion.

This may change if you are at a further distance for teamspeak, I'm going to see if I can talk him through the recording process, I'm hoping he's right though, as based on the testing I can do, it sounds a lot worse, even if it's better at just letting your voice through.

So, a few couple things I'd love to see added to corsair CUE and the Void

1: if possible, save the current lighting config to the headset so that it will work on android devices, and just when it's not connected.

2: increase the mic level slider, maybe add another section up to 150%, but have that in red, so people know it's beyond what you originally intended.

3: If at all possible, find some way to boost the bass level of the microphone, or add an option to do that. The headset sounds pretty great for music, quite comparable to the megalodon, mids actually sound a bit cleaner, and the bass curve in eq might be able to fix that issue, if the microphone matched, this headset would be almost perfect.

So, if there's anyone like me, who has the megalodon, I'd say that as long as you aren't doing voiceovers with the mic, and maybe even twitch streaming (no clue how well microphones come through on that), and don't mind using software EQ or loosing a little bit of bass, this headset is a fine successor, and worth the purchase as it was roughly the same price.

I don't know that I'm 100% sold, but I also don't really want to go through the process of returning it and buying something double the price, with half the looks.

Also, if anyone wants to hear some of my sample recordings I'd be happy to upload them, I want to do a video, but I'm waiting on a headphone stand or two, and hoping to maybe add in some b roll (though I don't like being on camera, so it will be a roll, despite being 1080p from a phone)

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