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I have a K70 RGB (Cherry MX Brown) keyboard. So, here is my issue. In Dec 2017, some of the keys refused to switch to the configured (6-7 keys) colors. I contacted Corsair support and explained it to them with a few images of what exactly is happening. Just as they sent a reply with a firmware file attached to the support ticket, a new version of CUE was released which instantly fixed the problem without me flashing the firmware file. Recently, I got an update notification for the iCue 3.x.x. I updated to iCUE, and it all went downhill from there onwards. It broke my static color configuration, the same 6-7 keys malfunctioned again, my keyboad started to connect and disconnect every 5 seconds and it was getting annoying listening to the USB sounds. The only way to stop that was to quit the iCue software. Next problem, I shut down the PC and booted it up the next day for the first time after iCUE installation, and I had problems loading windows 10 pro past the BIOS screen. I switched the polling rate to BIOS mode (extreme left on my K70 keyboard). It booted up fine. Once in Windows, I switched the polling rate back to the default and the connect/disconnect issue returned until I quit iCue completely. I remembered Corsair's firmware file that they sent in Dec 2017. I thought it would be great to flash it (v2.05). Once I flashed it, the problem got even worse. Windows refused to boot up, no matter what the polling rate was selected. Now, everytime I reboot, I have to physically disconnect the keyboard till windows boots up. I reinstalled CUE 2.24.50 but the problem still exists. Corsair support hasn't responded to my ticket in 6 working days. Why would they anyway? My warranty expired 1.5 years back. iCUE broke my system so badly and it's quite sad and frustrating that Corsair doesn't provide older CUE software version on the main website!

I have lost all hope from Corsair. Hopefully someone here will be able to help me out.

Here is another user who had the issue fixed with a CUE software update. But rolling back to CUE from iCUE did not fix the issue for me.

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