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Originally Posted by paybax View Post

12. Here's where it gets interesting....I noticed similar issues with this replacement board as well...BOTH boards were unopened boxes.....BUT .....the lot numbers of BOTH boards were identical ! ! !

13. I was thinking about this and decided to give it a check and look at the ticket that I initiated with Corsair with the first board...and the lot #'s MATCHED like a lottery ticket ! ! ! !

14. Lot # CH-9127014-NA

I'm certainly not pointing fingers or trying to cause trouble, in FACT, I want to give a BIG thumbs up to Corsair for helping me out with my issue...So I'm wondering here gang, and it might be a long shot, but how about anyone else that has a K95 with similar issues as mine with your board, to check the lot numbers on your board. The lot number is found underneath the board on the label following the "PN" initials.
Late to this discussion, but just to be clear - as you draw attention to it above - the "Lot number" to which you refer is actually an internal Corsair "Product number" or "Part number". Hence the PN identifier next to it on the base of the board. CH-9127014-NA is the unique code for all Corsair K95 RGB Platinum (MX Speed) keyboards with North America keyboard layout (the "-NA" suffix means "North America"). It is also often known as a SKU (stock keeping unit).

Given you were looking for a like-for-like replacement I would have been surprised if the PN were different. There is nothing suspect about identical "lot numbers". I guess the behaviour might be endemic to all models of this keyboard with the version of CUE you're using or be specific to your rig (eg, the specific make of USB controller and/or its configuration). Alternative way to put this point - if the symptoms you describe were limited to specific manufacturing batch you wouldn't be able to tell it from the CH-9127014-NA which all North American K95 RGB Platinums should have.

I hope in any case that the problem gets resolved for you. I too am keen to discover what the latest CUE software (2.24.50 updating 2.24.35) fixes. I would definitely try downgrading to an earlier version of CUE: personally I am still back on 2.20.72 as the least buggy release that works for me for my K70 RGB (MX Red). If it ain't broke...
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