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ok now this is wierd......I click on the link you provided....and instead of the link opening up on another tab, or opening the link on the same page......the web browser kind of "blinks" like it's going to go to the page.....but it goes back to the same page of your first post...right here.

I'm having light issues. As in my profile selector, brightness button, and the win lock button, sometimes work and sometimes not.

Now I'm hoping other people will chime in here, but here's what happened to me. I'll put it in point form, so I don't bore anyone;
  1. Last weekend I decide to pull the trigger on a nice spanking new high-end mech keyboard. The K95 RGB Platinum !!!
  2. Not 2 days in, I notice some light issues, as well as some profile list problems [as in when I click on an onboard file folder...looks like a sd mod the profile, I can't bring up any of the drop down menus for light effect, macro, and "save to" tabs....nothing.
  3. Also noticed that my 3 keyboard upper left buttons for the profile selector, brightness, and win lock, are intermittent at best
  4. I tried soft resets to restore the default profile folders
  5. Tried deleting and reinstalling CUE more than a few times
  6. Once I realized this was not working, I contacted Corsair tech supp online to register a ticket.. They were really fast at responding with a reply and asked me for particulars and they would get back to me asap
  7. Within 10 minutes they responded with instructions on how to do a hard reset AND emailed me a firmware file to do during the hard reset with easy to follow instructions
  8. The file they sent didn't work. So they suggested it could be a hardware defect and to return and exchange the board to my local comp store.
  9. Before I hooked up the board, I uninstalled CUE, deleted the AppData file from my c drive, then proceeded to install the board.
  10. Much to my dismay, this board was not behaving as it should. Profile folder drop downs were there, but the 3 board buttons I listed above was also behaving the same way...intermittent.
  11. THIS NEXT FACT LIST IS VERY IMPORTANT SO CHECK THIS OUT GUYS....The store I originally bought the board from did not have another one [cherry mx speed keys], so they directed me to their other store in the west end of where I live. So that's what I did.
  12. Here's where it gets interesting....I noticed similar issues with this replacement board as well...BOTH boards were unopened boxes.....BUT .....the lot numbers of BOTH boards were identical ! ! !
  13. I was thinking about this and decided to give it a check and look at the ticket that I initiated with Corsair with the first board...and the lot #'s MATCHED like a lottery ticket ! ! ! !
  14. Lot # CH-9127014-NA

I'm certainly not pointing fingers or trying to cause trouble, in FACT, I want to give a BIG thumbs up to Corsair for helping me out with my issue...So I'm wondering here gang, and it might be a long shot, but how about anyone else that has a K95 with similar issues as mine with your board, to check the lot numbers on your board. The lot number is found underneath the board on the label following the "PN" initials.
Since I'm up here in Canada, if anyone else having the same issue, but your lot #'s are different, then it's safe to assume it's a software issue and highly unlikely it's "hardware" related.

Let's try and help these guys out here and give them some information about what we're experiencing. Maybe this will translate into a faster solution to this problem....Way I look at it, it's win-win for everyone.

BTW I'm new to the Corsair forums here, as you can see, so I'm just trying to contribute. Thanks for reading.
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