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Default Veangence Pro RGB


My corsair Vengeance Pro RGB RAM, are not detected with the ICUE software. I completely remade my PC there 2 days of formatting and reinstalling Windows 10.

I have a white Omega Corsair tower, a Corsair K70 keyboard, an H100i Watercooling detected by ICUE, but not my RAM.

The software detected them during the software installation and nothing else. I uninstall ICUE and reinstall it detected my RAM, and hop nothing? I removed my RAM and nothing delivered yesterday I change their housing nothing to do, my BIOS is up to date E7A33AMS.5H0 and my drivers also I do not see?

My config:
AMD Ryzen 7 2700x
CM: X370 Gaming plus
Watercooling: H100i Platinium
Nvidia: GTX 1070 8 GB
RAM Vance PRO DDR4 3000 MHz (16 GB)
Power supply: Fractal Design 650W 80+

My ICUE software is up to date, I even try to force the update just in case?
I forgot to report to Corsair my modification of my RAM guarantee because the one I had to buy was defective and it was changed on 07/07/2019. My old RAM has been recognized for ICUE without problem.
I realize in fact that it's since the change of RAM that it does me?


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