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i made a similar mistake.

i went researching and everything i read came back as threadripper does not work with corsair the way it is supposed to. go with Enermax brand coolers.

i called corsair on a lark cause im building a corsair based system. after talking to them and giving them a breakdown of what my system is they told me i need the 115i pro cooler as the 150i's won't fit with the limited depth in my case. and gave me a part number telling me to call back when i have the actual cooler in hand so they can get the serial number and send me my adapter so i can mount my cooler.

stupid me. "YAY okay cool i can do that thanks have a nice day!"

so i ordered my cooler it gets here i call them

service agent number 2's brain explodes. he says "ya we aren't making the mounting brackets for the threadrippers yet they are due sometime in the summer supposedly. im sorry the agent gave you that part number but thats for the old unit not the 115i pro. once the brackets get here they will be posted on the website. your just like the rest of us here at corsair with corsair coolers for our threadripper rigs we are awaiting the brackets to come in whenever that may be current word is sometime in may."
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