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Allright, so I was waiting on the update for the commander to work with windows 10, so I plugged my h100i into my motherboard so I would have some control until the update. It worked fine at first and then it started showing multiple sets of fans on the h100i. I knew there was a firmware update of some kind for it, so I started it, I hit auto, and I waited forever and ever and nothing happened and I tried to click cancel, and that didn't work, so I hit the little X on the window and now I think I bricked my h100i. lol what do I do now? you know, I wouldn't even care anymore, but because I had the LED set to red, when I eventually shut down this machine and turn it back on, my LED is going to be pink, because it will be white and red at the same time, and that is going to suck. I was looking at just building a custom loop, I could do it, but, wow 1000$ for something that does the same thing this 100$ one does. I mean, my 4930k is OC and never goes over 45c on quiet mode and its been running almost 24/7 for over a year. I hope I can get this sorted out! lets say that money didn't matter and I wanted to keep running corsair cooling, what is the most high end killer stuff you've got right now that I should buy and drop in this rig? anything?
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