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Originally Posted by Corsair Dustin View Post
If you see anyone having this problem, please let me know. "Sorry, you're SOL" isn't the way we do things here.
Thank you, I am happy to hear you are on the case. I feel the best option would be for you to create a sticky thread that clearly says what in meant to happen.

The thread should also address all the rubbish about CL 2.7.5361 being the last version to support the old Commander given CL 3.1.5667 reported mine and many others with no issues, see

At the moment it seems to be down to the luck of the draw as to what happens. As I said I got an RMA on an old Commander, but others are just getting the run-a-round.

Given SIV needs 30 lines of C code to support the old Commander why on earth don't Corsair just fix CL . OK the CL code is not ideal, but adding a 30 line function can't be that hard .

I would also like to know why CL 3.2.5695 only reports 1 x CLCC when CL 3.2.5676 reported 2 x CLCC . This regression is totally unacceptable and someone needs a . It in not mentioned in the release notes . See

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