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Default 1080Ti performance suddenly dropped to about 50%

Hi there!

I have a 2018 Corsair One Pro with a 1080Ti. It has been working flawless for the past two years. Suddenly in the last few days performance has dropped for about 50%. Games that used to run at 165 FPS now will run at 100 FPS, games that used to run at around 120 FPS now run at around 60-70 FPS and so on. I have done some benchmarks (Unigine, 3Dmark...) and they all seem to confirm the 45-50% performance drop.

My first though was that it was caused by malware as I had a similar issue a year ago. That time after removing the malware performance when back to normal immediately. This time however I have scanned both with Malwarebytes and Bit Defender to no avail. Also reinstalled the GPU drivers to latest via DDU. I even did a full restore of Windows 10.

Any suggestions on what to do next? Might the GPU be faulty?
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