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Default Problems with my VOID RGB Wireless

I've had my headset for roughly a year now, and it's starting to act up and annoy me.

First Issue:

When I power it on, it doesn't always connect. The female voice doesn't say "Powering On, Mic off" like it should, and NO audio comes out. I then have to hold the power to turn it off, and then turn it back on. This happens a couple times a day.

Second Issue:

When there's no sound being played, you can hear an annoying static sound coming out of the headset, it isn't loud.. but it's annoying

Third Issue:

When it is plugged in charging (right now it's charging through my K70), it keeps saying "Charging Battery", like it normally does when you first plug it in, however, it's been plugged in for awhile when it does it.

Does anyone have any ideas? Starting to consider canning it and buying another brand.
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