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Exclamation [Bug] iCUE: Corsair Commander GPU Temp Sensor Missing

Hi Corsair-Peeps,

Made an account here due to an annoying bug I encountered.

When using the Corsair Commander Pro through iCUE (not sure if this is an issue in LINK) you are not able to have Intel Graphics enabled and use temperature monitoring on your dedicated GPU. iCUE will only show the intel sensor when Intel Graphics is enabled in the BIOS. Disabling it in the BIOS makes it so iCUE shows the dedicated graphics temperature sensor again. (In my case this is NVIDIA).

This is a problem if you wish to use Intel QuickSync as you must have Intel Graphics enabled in the BIOS for it to function.
I only noticed this now because I recently wanted to play around with QuickSync and noticed it broke my iCUE profile because the GPU sensor disappeared.

Hope to see that fixed in the next update!

A custom fan update period like MSI Afterburner has would also be great so I don't have to listen to my fans turn on and off when the temperature is teetering on the edge of my custom fan curve.

-- Extra Info --
Windows 10 Enterprise 64Bit
CPU: i7-4770K
GPU: GTX 780
iCUE Version: 3.8.91
Commander Pro Firmware: 0.8.210

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