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Corsair send me this:

"We would first suggest you try a soft-reset of the mouse. This will clear the mouseís internal memory, which often corrects issues such as the one you are experiencing. Please follow the directions below:

1: Unplug the mouse.
2: Hold the left and right mouse click.
3: While holding the left and right mouse, plug in the mouse.
4: Hold the left and right mouse down for 10 seconds.
5: Release the left and right mouse.
If these steps didn't work, please follow the instructions below.

Reinstalling the firmware of your device may correct the issue. We suggest doing this manually, and have uploaded the firmware for your device to the ticket in order to do so. Please follow the directions below:

1: Unplug your mouse from the computer.
2: Locate the small pinhole underneath your mouse. For some, this will be located directly on the bottom in plain sight. On others, it will be located underneath one of the removable weights attached to the bottom of the mouse.
3: Using a small paperclip or push-pin, press down on the button inside the pinhole.
4: Plug your mouse back into the computer, while holding down the pinhole button.
5: Once it is plugged back in, your computer should recognize a drive called CRP_Disabled. Please open this.
6: Download the firmware file from the ticket. If it is compressed into a .RAR file, please extract this file to an easily found location on the computer.
7: Delete the file FIRMWARE.BIN from the CRP_DISABLED drive, and then place the file with ISP in itís name to the CRP_Disabled drive.
8: Once you have performed the steps above, please unplug your mouse and then plug it back in. The device will then return to normal. Please test to see if the issue reappears. If it does, please inform us on the ticket for further troubleshooting."

The second solution, worked!
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