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Default What is the proper forum to post a question?

I recently posted a question regarding the location of a program so that I might assign a G-key to access a specific program. FaeTheWolf was kind enough to provide me with a direction as to the location of one of the executable files.

Appended to the answer was a note stating that using either/or SuperUser or StackOverflow would have been a better choice for posting such a question.

In the advanced search options, Search in Forums, there is a iCUE Profiles option, which is what I went with, since I was asking about setting up a profile. I did not see any reference to either of these above suggested sites, and frankly if those particular sites were listed I probably not have used them because in my mind those forums were not on subject.

So, the newbie question. How do I go about finding the correct forum to post a question, especially when the forum I am directed to is, as in this case, a third party site? I have been using the computer for several years but I have almost no experience with forums. I have never heard about either of these sites. Information, guidance, suggestions, directives, and/or instructions would be appreciated.

Thanks for your time and attention to this matter,

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