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Hi, first time poster here!

I am building a new PC based on this case, with an LL120 exhaust fan and H115i with two LL140 fans.

My questions about it are as follows:

Where to plug the three pin pump cable. Is there a difference if I plug it into the CPU_Fan header or into the Commander Pro? How about if I get a Molex to three pin adaptor and put it directly to the HX850i?

If I plug it into Commander Pro I will need to use a Y splitter on two LL fans, will Link/icue then recognise that they are two separate fans or send a duplicate message through the Y splitter that makes both display identically?

H115i USB connection, on the appropriate diagram you show the AIO being plugged into a mobo USB header, I was planning to plug it into the Commander Pro to keep the cables out of sight, is there a difference?

Sorry to make my first post a "help me!" shout out with nothing to offer to you in return, but thank in advance for the help!
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