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We had to choose to break the mutex to get software playback. That's the short version.

The medium-length version is a little more complicated but it basically works like this:

There are products that we straight up wouldn't be able to use a mutex with (or at least not easily) because they require continuous software control (i.e. LL fans). While we do want to support third party applications and obviously as a company enjoy the benefits of the open platform that is the PC, we also are obligated to provide the most stable software we can, and we do not have infinite resources.

Our choice on where to direct our resources came down to this:
1. Expend substantial time and energy working on the mutex and other code to ensure third party applications can monitor and control Corsair products.
2. Expend time and energy implementing new features, supporting new products, and -
most importantly in my opinion - fixing bugs.

With respect to the hard work done by other software vendors, our priority is always going to be making sure our software and products work and work well.
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