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Contrary to what I read above, SIVnnX (nn = 32 or 64, makes no difference on a 64bit platform) works perfectly well. Intel's Extreme Tuning Utility and SIVnnX report fans and temperature sensors correctly. I find no problem running SIVnnX concurrently with Corsair Link.

Starting SIVnnX first ensures that Corsair Link detects the correct number of fans and temperature sensors.

Without SIVnnX being started first, Corsair Link does not function correctly.

After Corsair Link is started you can terminate SivnnX and Corsair Link then continues to function correctly.

Unfortunately I have to shut down my machine and when I restart I repeat the work around from scratch. This is a pity as the product seems quite good. It is only the link software that let's the side down. I want to buy additional components but just cannot justify spending anything until it all works as intended to without requiring a work around. An example I need a device like commander pro to control several fans.

Does this not provide any clues or are we at the situation where most developers sometimes get to when one is desperately trying to resolve an issue and you can't see the wood for the trees.

What is SIVnnX doing right that Corsair Link is not doing at all?

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