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Originally Posted by Corsair Dustin View Post
SIV doesn't use the CPUID SDK to my knowledge. Again, those are issues with the CPUID SDK's reporting since, as you said, these things appear in HWMonitor as well.

We continue to fold in new versions with new fixes as they become available.
Actually since Corsair decided to remove the SMB Buss interlocks, it is known that if Link is run concurrently with SIV, HWINFO64, AIDA, etc. that there will be strange problems. The author of SIV has stated clearly that since this change was made, you cannot operate Link and SIV at the same time and expect things to work reliably. This was a conscious decision on Corsair's part as they have stated that removing the interlocks was necessary as they migrate to software based LED control as required for the new LL series fans. I have asked for an explanation of WHY the buss interlocks had to be removed but I never received a response. Maybe they will explain it this time.

In short, if you are using the latest version of Link, don't run SIV at the same time. You can exit one and open the other but you can't have both open at one. Same is true for HWINFO64 and AIDA64 for sure. Not sure about other monitoring programs but probably.

I believe Corsair is well aware of this. Not sure what is has to do with the CPUID SDK. Incorrect CPU Core numbering has been a problem for a long time. Also, Link can't report more than 16 cores since it is written as a 32-bit application. So it can't report all cores on an I9-7980XE or many XEON CPUs that have more than 16 cores.

Good luck!
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