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Default Solution

hey found a solution for this. its more complex then it needs to be but quite simple still

what you need to do is create 2 macros for it it was pushing and holding F9

First macro
the first macro you want to just be the pushing action of the key so make a new macro click record and click F9 then click stop. you should have 3 actions on the macro window. select and delete the relase action as well as the pause action and save. a message that an action was not completed and are you sure you want to save. click yes

Second macro
repeat the process for first macro but now deltete the press key action and the pause action. save it , same error will pop up do same as before

tie them together
go back to your first macro and edit it. on the right you will see DOUBLE MACROS enable this and choose your second macro.

there really should be a simple selection for theis but i hope this work around helps. it should work the same way with multi button pusses as well just remove the release of and delay of both buttons for the first macro and for the second remove the press action and pause for both.

hope this helps

Using Corsair Utility Engine 1.15.36 with an M65 RGB mouse

Edit Read MadIce 's solution for more indepth on creating the 2 different macros, but use the double macros feature to keep the binding to one key

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