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Originally Posted by Corsair Chris View Post
I brought this up with the software team and the headset dev team, what they came back to me with was if we do bump up the sensitivity of the mic using software what would happen is that the mic will be more prone to pick up audio from additional sources. This ultimately defeats the purpose of the noise cancelling feature of the mic.

With that said, if users continue to have issues with the mic volumes we can implement a software fix to raise the sensitivity.
I just bought a VOID USB headset yesterday (to go with my new K95 and M65 over the past few days) and swapped it for another one today after discovering a section in the cable that was mis-shaped under the rubberized coating of the USB cable. It almost looked like an internal wire that had its insulation/shielding rolled back a few millimeters and then shrink wrapped over top of it. Not normal anyway.

While I was seriously unimpressed by the strength of the mic of the first unit, it looks like the new headset is definitely better... so I suspect the wire condition was to blame in part.

Being a gamer and computer user/builder for years, I have some habits I typically always perform when I get a new headset... namely, instantly upping the mic boost to max (typically +30db). And of course mic boost is not an option on the VOID?!? Ggrrr, us creatures of habit (old dogs) need our mic boost sliders!!

So while I feel that my new VOID is not recording audio to the same levels of my other headsets of the past, I think it's fair to say that this judgement is made real because of the lack of the mic boost feature. I could reattach the old headset to run a comparison between them with mic boost disabled on my onboard realtek audio... but I'm enjoying the audio output of my VOID too much to want the old headset to touch my computer ever again :) Good Bye 3.5mm (stereo) Sennheiser, hello VOID!

Now I know this thread is focused on bending the mic to improve performance, but it looks like the both USB VOIDS I purchased over the last 2 days already had a significant (I'd say at least 45 degree) bend in them right out of the box.

So while all this positioning of the mic is very relevant, I still think it's important for Corsair to put an old staple / feature like mic boost into their product offering... whether that be within CUE or made available deeper within the Windows recording settings.

Did I mention mic boost? :)

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