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Originally Posted by wa3pnt View Post
I had a weird thing happen with the thermal sensors attached to the cooling node. A sensor that I've placed on the North Bridge started showing "0" in Link. It was reading correctly, and the custom curve speeds changed as the temperature changed, but the display for that sensor showed "0".

I interchanged two of the probes, and the problem remained with the sensor #4 display. That is, the sensor that showed 0 worked correctly on the sensor 1, 2, or 3 input of the Cooling Node.

I uninstalled Link 2.4.5110, re-installed Link 2.4.5110, and the display was back. However after a reboot it returned to "0" for input #4.

I uninstalled Link 2.4.5110, and installed Link 2.4.5065, and the problem is resolved. So I'm sticking with 2.4.5065 for now.
Same, I think, problem. Sensor attached to #4 now shows zero. where it was reporting normally on the previous release. I haven't had the time to try replugging things yet, so will update when I can make the time.
Not a major problem, for me 2.4.5110 is an improvement.
I have nothing to do with Corsair, apart from buying my Case, Memory, Cooler, PSU and Link from them.
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