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Originally Posted by elgreco View Post
Thank you for the answer!

My motherboard utilizes 2 of the PCIe outputs for the CPU. I need another 2 for my RTX2080ti. If I add a second rtx2080ti another 2 outputs are gone, so there are no more PCIe power outlets available for the remaining PCIe slot(s) of the motherboard, and a PSU with such quality and price should probably be able to cover this.

In any case, my concerns are focused on the existence or not of preferred outputs to be used for the 2 CPU 12vEPS cables and the 2 PCIe cables for the RTX2080ti, while the rest is just an observation.
If you are ever adding more devices to your system that require additional PCIe power connections beyond what has been discussed then it would be necessary to upgrade to a much higher wattage PSU as you would be exceeding the limits of the AX1000 at that point anyway.
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