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Sad Commander Pro not recognised

Hi Everyone,

I'm deseparated!
I just build a new config with a lot of Corsair products (so they will "communicate" easily) and most of the parts are not working (especially the CommanderPro which commands nearly everything)

Here is my config:
  • H115i Platinimim: working smoothly (the 2 fans and the 2 RGB are not connected to the CoPro as the fans are ML models and the 4 other fans I have are LL140 RGB)
  • 4 LL140 RGB fans which don't spin and the leds are not working (expect 1 fan which has 1 and only 1 green led working (static color))
  • 4 temps sensor (provided with the CoPro) connected to the CoPro
  • 4 RGB strips connected to the CP and which don't work

I've read a lot of threads about how to wire the whole thing and I think I did it good:
  • The 4 fans power cable are connected to the CoPro
  • The 4 RGB cables are connected to the RGB Led Hub (no empty slot between each connection)
  • 4 temps sensor connected directly to the CoPro
  • RGB Strips directly connected to the CoPro (on LED slot 2)
  • and finally the RGB Led Hub connected on the CoPro (on LED slot 1)

RGB Led Hub and CoPro are correctly connected to SATA power and the CoPro is connected to the USB port on the MB.

What I've already tried:
- Disconnect the RGB Led Hub from the CoPro to see if the fans will start --> not working
- Doing the same and removing the temps sensors and the RGB Strips --> fans still not spinning
- Try another SATA connector (for both)
- Switch USB port on the MB
- Connect the RGB Led Hub directly ont the MB on the dedicated corsair port (MB = MSI Z390 Pro Carbon) --> still one and only one green static LED

What I don't understand:
- CoPro not providing power to the fans when they are the only thing connected to it...
- CoPro not recognised by ICue software
- What should I do ?

Thanks a lot for your time and your reply!

Here is a picture of my project (I'm building my computer in my desk)
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