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Originally Posted by Mooan View Post
Thank you for your reply.

I bought the second "CMW32GX4M2C3200C16", unfortunately it didn't want to work on 3200Mhz, or even lower ~2600Mhz.

Memtest photo:

I noticed that my old version is 4.31, while the new one was 4.32.

I refunded the new kit, as it was not worth to lose performance by increasing times / lowering Mhz.

Instead, I managed to run my current RAM at lower timings (3200 14 14 14 14 30).

The other thing I noticed - this motherboard has gray and black slots. It seems to work much worse in the black once. For example, when I only started PC with RAM in black slots, it rebooted 5 times and booted in fail-safe mode, so I could disable the XMP profile. At the next attempt, when I re-enabled and set 3200 XMP - it rebooted correctly and memtest passed. Maybe the black one is not the primary slot, that's why it works worse? Otherwise a defective motherboard... but I don't have time nor power to RMA it :(
As far as I know you are supposed to fill your primary slots first. You would need to check our motherboard manual to be sure but A2+B2 is typically the primary from what I have seen so far.
I seem to hang out here too much. I blame the RGB.
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