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Default K95 software questions

I can bind a G key to WindowsKey + E to open Computer. But binding WindowsKey + L does nothing (want to lock the computer).

When selecting in 'Launch Program' I can select shortcuts. I want to select a shortcut so I can run a program with custom parameters. The software only uses the shortcut to open the program without parameters. For example, I have a .bat called 'Documents' and a shortcut to the bat called 'Documents - HStart'. Running the shortcut uses a program called HStart to run Documents.bat without showing the command line pop up in the process. The Corsair software runs the shortcut but without parameters, ultimately opening hstart.exe which is useless on its own.

Is there a way around these? I can make a bat for WindowsKey + L but it will takes a second for it to open and run.
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