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switched from I7-7700k on Asus Z270F to i9 9900k on Asus Z390F a few days ago. I've got the corsair ledstrips and 6 hd fans connected to the commander pro which also made the move to the new system. everything works great with that stuff in Link, the h115i and my rmi 750 are displayed correctly.

Well now the actual troublemaker is my CMR32GX4M4C3000C15 which does appear in the Link software but without options to change ram color. Meanwhile evil asus aura software took control over my corsair ram. Only thing link's displaying are the temps, timings are missing, too. On my z270f this worked like a charm.

So I uninstalled asus aura and corsair link (including the config files) and restarted my system. After that I reinstalled Link and still there is no option to change ram rgb's and no timings are shown in Link.
A further test I did was reseating the ram bars, without success.

What can I do else? Is this a known issue? I miss the color changing options of link for my ram :(

Thanks for help.

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