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Default HX PSU fan control configuration missing?

I own a HX 1200i PSU, a K95 Platinum RGB keyboard and M65 Pro RGB mouse. Prior to upgrading to iCue, I used Corsair Link & Cue 3 to control/manage my Corsair devices/peripherals.

Under Corsair Link (prior to using iCue), I was able to control whether to run the PSU fan or have it spin up only if particular temperature threshold was reached. Under iCue, I have no such option and firing up Corsair Link yields a message "This device is being controlled by iCue" (the HX1200i).

My question is - is this an oversight/bug or by design?

PS. When I upgraded to iCue, I followed the instructions and ensured that I had the latest version of Corsair Link installed prior to the Cue-->iCue upgrade.

PPS. The log file won't attach - error states "Your submission could not be processed because a security token was missing."

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